April 23, 2012

America's Great Loop Cruiser's Association

Fortunately for those of us wanting to do this trip, there is the America's Great Loop Cruiser's Association (AGLCA).  The association's primary purpose is to disseminate information and enhance the overall experience for those learning about, as well as exploring and safely cruising America's Great Loop.  Boaters who join the AGLCA can get a white burgee that signifies to others that they are looping.  This promotes getting to know others and making friends along the way.  Completing the Great Loop earns one a gold burgee and completing it more than once earns one a platinum burgee!

ATTENTION:  If you wish to know the location of Great Laker at any time, the AGLCA provides a Looper Locator.  This points to our exact position on a Google map!!!

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