May 22, 2012

Great Laker's Engine Room

Oh yes, the engine room! The debate over one engine vs two will go on forever, however, the American Tugs all come with a single engine which was my preference. Both sides of the engine are very accessible via hatches, one on each side of the pilot house, using a ladder that can be attached on either side. Being able to easily get to all sides of the engine and related components makes maintenance much simpler.

Hatches to engine room
Starboard side of engine
Port side of engine
The engine is a Cummins 5.9 L diesel with a turbo charger making 380 HP at 3000 RPM. With the hatches in place the engine is very quiet and you can converse comfortably in a normal voice. Actually, you only need about 40 HP to move very economically at a hull speed of about 7 knots, but if necessary the boat will plane at about 18 knots. 

Here are views from down below showing some of the other equipment. The port side includes Racor fuel filters on the left, Northern Lights 6KW diesel generator in the center and an oil changing system on the right. The starboard side includes the water heater on the left and the engine water cooled and underwater exhaust on the right. All of this equipment is built and installed to marine commercial standards, which is rare in private boats of this size and speaks to the high standards used by TOMCO in it's construction.

View towards starboard

View towards port

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