March 22, 2013

Day 159 - March 21, 2013: More around Fernandina

With Anne still under the weather, I took the initiative to take the bike out for a few items at Publix, which is about three miles away. It felt good to be outside in the sunshine and fresh air getting some exercise.

This was a good day to install a second towel rod in the head. I had ordered it some time ago and picked  it up while we were in Michigan. It makes me nervous drilling holes in a finished wall covered in vinyl, as mistakes cannot be covered up. However, I got to use the small electric screw driver/drill which Anne gave me for the boat, and it worked well.

As the day warmed up, Anne began to feel better, and we walked out again through this picturesque and historic community. The train station now houses the visitors' center, and many of the main street buildings have unusual and colorful exteriors.

The original train station
Downtown architecture

The Fairbanks House was built in 1885 for Major George Fairbanks who was the local newspaper editor. He loved to keep track of what everyone was doing, so he located his office high up in this tower to give him that opportunity. The house is now a bed and breakfast. We enjoyed Amelia Island and Fernandina Beach and definitely would return!

Fairbanks House (1885)
No matter what happens during the day, when nature provides these beautiful sunset displays, it makes you stop and give thanks for your life and all you are able to enjoy.

Sunset over the ICW west of Amelia Island

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