April 6, 2013

Day 174 - April 5, 2013: Anchorage in Church Creek

We had a leisurely morning and then departed in the still cold and rainy weather. After seeing a few more of Beaufort's antebellum homes from the water, the landscape became remarkably pristine and undeveloped, and there are low lying marshland filling the gaps between the barrier islands. We cruised several hours without seeing towns or evidence of homes and human life.

Great Laker at Beaufort Municipal Marina
The Lewis Reeve Sams House (1852) on the left
was used in filming the Prince of Tides
Low lying marshlands, characteristic of South Carolina
Our anchorage was in Church Creek, which winds its way between Wadmalaw and Jones Islands, about 20 miles south of Charleston. We chose it because it was deep enough (even with the eight foot tides here) and was wide enough to allow us to swing around the anchor as the tide flow reverses and the winds change. Tomorrow is Charleston!

Anchorage in Church Creek

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