July 4, 2014

Day 292 – July 3, 2014: Anchorage in the Benjamin Islands

The North Channel is filled with small islands, and the northeast end is considered the best area for cruisers who like to anchor out. We headed out in the late morning for the Benjamin Islands, reputed to be a “must see” in this area by those in the know. Again, we passed some colorfully named spots. We left Little Current and followed Waubuno Channel west, turning north at East Rous Island, and had a wonderful view of the La Cloche Mountains with white granite sides in the distance. At Bedford Island we turned west again past Amedroz Island to Secretary Island where we turned north, keeping the Sow and Pigs (many visible rocks) to port. The Benjamins appeared on the left and Croker Island on the right. 

We picked a bay central to the Benjamins that is surrounded by small islands and has good wind protection from the south and west. Inside there was a small cove by a towering rocky point that was open and irresistible, so we took it quickly before anyone else might arrive.

Entrance to the bay
Great Laker on the hook
From this spot we set out to explore the area by dinghy. The rocks to the south of us sloped up from the water’s edge forming a smooth incline towards the top of the ridge. We motored over, careful to avoid the shallow rocks, and as I got out tying up the dingy, I slipped on the algae covered rocks and got a quite a refreshing bath. This granite slope had large patches with the unusual pink hew we have seen so much of recently.

Wet from docking the dinghy
We climbed to the top of the slope of pink granite

The view from the top was just spectacular, revealing the mix of hillsides, trees, and rocky shores forming the bay.

View of the Benjamins from the top
While in Little Current we ran into a couple on “Last Dance” that we had met in the Chesapeake Bay last year. We were surprised to find them anchored here and later joined them for cocktails on their boat before dinner. 

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