July 16, 2012

Pentwater and Sleeping Bear Dunes

Day 1 of the trip started mid afternoon.  While going north near White Lake about 5 nmi offshore, a baby red-headed woodpecker landed and clung to the boat rail for a while. He looked lost and tired. After an hour he took off again so maybe we provided a brief rescue.

We stopped in Pentwater, ate dinner on board, and anchored out for the night. It was a beautiful sunset and quiet evening sitting on top.

Day 2 we started early for the long cruise up to Leland, passing the Sleeping Bear Dunes (voted as the #1 most beautiful place in America on ABC this year). In Leland, we hope to buy the bed sheets that somehow didn't get put back on the boat after the winter.  (:-(

Baby Woodpecker Rescue

Pentwater Piers at Sunset

Sleeping Bear Dunes

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