July 18, 2012

Saint Ignace and Hessel

The evening of day 4 we stayed at Saint Ignace which is on the north side of the bridge. It supports many tour boats that visit Mackinac Island. The marina is modern and close to good shopping, restaurants and fudge. We were slipped across from Win and Susan's Tiara  41 named "Swift". We enjoyed refreshments and dinner aboard Swift.

Staint Ignes Marina

Great Laker and Swift
On day 5 we went up to stay at Hessel, which is a very small town north of the Les Cheneaux Islands in Lake Huron. It is famous for the yearly Antique Wooden Boat Show with boats of all kinds coming in from all over America and Canada. The marina is small but well maintained and has a beautiful view out over the lake. The E. J. Mertaugh Boat Works is located there.

Hessel Marina

E. J. Mertaugh Boat Works



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