October 20, 2012

Day 35 - October 18, 2012: Arrival and anchorage near Joe Wheeler State Park

Since we are backtracking down the Tennessee River, there is not a lot to say about our surroundings that I haven't covered before. I'm more attuned and interested in the performance of the boat than the scenery.

We spend a lot of time during the day doing trip planning and selecting either marinas or anchorages for the night. The internet is such a great resource for this assuming you are getting cell coverage, but between cities on the rivers we frequently are not. It is also frustrating that despite most marinas having WiFi, even when you can connect, the data rates often are miserably slow.

We chose to anchor out in a bay just a couple of hundred yards east of Joe Wheeler State Park Marina. Tomorrow we will go in and get a slip and prepare to attend the rendezvous. Dinner aboard is always a treat, and rotisserie chickens make preparation easier...

I've decided to name this anchorage "East of Wheeler" and it has great seclusion, good southern wind protection, and more emerging fall color.

Our anchorage just east of Joe Wheeler
What a wonderful world! 

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