May 11, 2013

Day 200 - May 10, 2013: Deltaville and the AGLCA gathering

Today was our 200th day cruising the Great Loop on board Great Laker! It seems like we just started a few weeks ago, and yet we are still just as eager to keep going as when we started. This adventure continues to exceed our expectations.

The day opened with more sunshine and almost no wind. I set up the boat in "full dress" with all the canvas, chairs, flags and lines properly placed in anticipation of a day of relaxation. While working, I  made a new friend who came by and hung around hoping I would share a snack with him.

Great Laker in full dress
My new friend

We borrowed the very tired and almost 20-year-old Buick Roadmaster loaner car and drove a curving, two lane, tree-shaded road 3 miles into Deltaville. Here we discovered the J&W Seafood store where Anne bought fresh crab cakes, catfish, shrimp, shrimp salad, and coleslaw. The crab cakes and coleslaw made a wonderful lunch.

Buick Roadmaster
J&W Seafood
The town is very small and peaceful, with less than one thousand full-time residents. But it swells to several thousand during the summer with people looking to boat, fish and enjoy the waters. Surprisingly, there are ten marinas within a few miles of each other here and another ten nearby on the tip of Stingray Point.

The marina has filled up with looper boats coming up from the AGLCA Spring Rendezvous, and I enjoyed sitting on top watching their docking maneuvers. This evening, Jack Dozier, who owns both the marina and Waterway Guides, sponsored a wine and cheese party for the loopers. We joined in and spent time meeting other boaters and learning more about the Chesapeake Bay.

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