May 13, 2013

Day 201 - May 11, 2013: Our second day at Dozier's Regatta Point Yachting Center

Today was the perfect day to relax. We caught up on some reading this morning, and I spent some time removing rust from the bimini top rails, and Anne continued her research to determine our itinerary for the Chesapeake Bay.

After lunch, Waterway Guide organized a blindfolded dinghy race. The purpose is to navigate a course in the least time with one person driving with the blindfold on and the other person giving voice commands to navigate the course. The race was conducted in one of the marina fairways, and you had to go up about 50 yards, around a buoy, and back.

Ted Stehle in charge of the race
Loopers waiting to compete

This race is more difficult than you might imagine, as steering an outboard with the handle behind you is counterintuitive: pushing the handle left causes the dinghy to go right and visa versa. When commands don't lead to the proper result, frustration ensues and voices get louder and louder especially if the contestants are about to run into a dock. 

Looper working to get back on course
Celebrating getting back to the finish line

This evening the loopers had a potluck dinner at the marina with wine and mixers provided. Along with live music, there were awards for the dinghy races and more food than you can imagine. As always, the people were great, and we enjoyed the event.

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