July 1, 2013

Day 248 - June 30, 2013: Cruising the Champlain Canal

I received pictures from my friend Fred, who lives in Fort Edwards, of the damage last Friday night to the Erie Canal from flooding around Utica. This is lock 12, and the gates are bent and twisted and the dam is overcome with tons of debris. The other dams may be harmed as well. It is unlikely that this can be cleared up in two weeks, and it further confirmed our decision to escape the Erie Canal.

Damaged gates at lock 12
Debris at lock 12 dam

After an early start, we cleared the last five locks on the Champlain Canal, and it was good to be out with the sun, scenery and fresh breezes. These locks go over some hills, and we were lifted up until Lock 9, which is the highest, and then lowered back down to the level of the lake. Just after Lock 7, we passed Fred's American Tug 44 which he keeps on the canal. He is somewhat famous for leaving his boat in the canal for the winter, even though the water is drained.

Captain Larry with a smile
Fred's American Tug, "Tug 44"

By noon, we passed the Champlain Monument, cruised out onto Lake Champlain, and passed Fort Ticonderoga. These were two things we had visited by car and now got to see from the water.

Champlain Monument
Fort Ticonderoga

We spent the night anchored in Kingsland Bay, near the state park, and while preparing dinner the generator impeller failed again. Since I used the backup a few weeks ago, we plan to get another tomorrow. Anne says she would never do this trip without an engineer! Aren't I lucky...

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