July 5, 2013

Day 253 - July 5, 2013: Montreal, QC

The heightened stress, caused by difficulties with Erie Canal travel and subsequent decision making, called for some exercise. Montreal is famous for its many bike trails both along the waterfront and throughout the city, and this morning we studied the map and decided to ride out along the old Lachine Canal. The canal got its name from the French word for China (La Chine) as early explorers were always looking for a shortcut across America to get there. The first version of the canal was completed in 1825, attracted many heavy industries, and helped turn Montreal into a major port. By the 1950s, the Seaway was completed, and this canal became obsolete. We rode 5 miles out and 5 back plus 2 more miles up to see the Jazz Festival venue before returning to the boat for lunch and some chores.

A Lachine Canal Lock
Captain Larry on his Dahon bike
Admiral Anne with her Citizen bike

One of the most visually interesting and historic buildings on the waterfront is the Bonsecours Market. Completed in 1860, it was the central marketplace here for a hundred years and is designated as a National Historic Site in Canada. Today it is a multipurpose building with shops, cafes, and offices. 

                                                               The Bonsecours Market

We walked to La Grange Gourmande on Place Jacques-Cartier for dinner, and an evening rain developed during the meal giving us a good excuse to eat dessert while waiting for the rain to stop. At 10 p.m., Montreal put on a fireworks display over the river, and we watched it from the riverwalk along with thousands of others. 

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