July 15, 2013

Day 262 - July 14, 2013: The Rideau Canal at Westport

Today we traversed three lakes midway through the Rideau Canal: Lower Rideau Lake, Big Rideau Lake, and Upper Rideau Lake. Separated by 3 locks, these large wide lakes were surrounded by high dense trees and began to reveal evidence of rocky cliffs. The third lake, Upper Rideau, at 407 feet above sea level is the highest elevation of any water body on the Rideau Canal.

High rocky cliffs along the Rideau Lakes
Since it was the weekend, there were large numbers of local boaters enjoying spots on the lock walls and marinas, and many started for home this morning. We all lined up and competed for space in the locks, but it was friendly and relaxed.

Boats leaving and others lining up to enter a lock
They packed 7 boats into this lock
There were some unusual homes here perched above the rocks but still managing to get a dock for water access.

Home with rocky beach

Log home with docks and houseboat
Our overnight stop was Westport, which is a little gem of a small city for cruisers. It has an intimate marina on a small pond just off the main street and has a bit of everything you might want. As soon as we got off the lake with the breezes, it was still and we felt the extreme heat and humidity. Despite that, we walked the town and washed and cleaned the boat. It took until after 8:00 p.m. before our air conditioning could bring the temperature inside the boat below 80 degrees.

Beautiful Westport Marina

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