June 9, 2014

Day 268 - June 9, 2014: Clayton and Alexandria, NY

Clayton is a very interesting small town. It's a resort area with views of the Thousand Islands out over the bay, a large boating community, and the Antique Boat Museum, which started the tradition in 1964 of hosting the nation's largest wooden boat show each summer. We spent several hours in the museum viewing and enjoying the history of over 300 racing boats, cruisers, small canoes/kayaks, along with many outboard motors. In addition, a 106' houseboat built in 1903 for millionaire magnet Charles C. Boldt (more about him tomorrow) is being restored, and we toured this fascinating two-story summer live-aboard.

World record hydroplanes from 1912 to present

Imagine over 150 mph in a wooden hull

The Boldt houseboat under cover in restoration
Cruising east down the main channel about 9 miles to Alexandria Bay gave us our first opportunity to see a few of the 1800 very rocky islands with homes/cottages that occupy this part of the river. Around here, an island is defined as being at least two feet above water year-round and being able to support at least one tree. Some islands, as small as a one-car garage, support a tiny summer cottage, and some are large enough to have multiple million-dollar homes with boat houses. There are no bridges, so all these owners must use boats for access in the summer and some use jet skis in the winter. We poked along taking pictures and being continually fascinated by the incredible variety of sizes, materials and styles.

No grass to mow or neighbors around

Fit for a king
Our stop in Alexandria Bay, another resort and boating community, places us near Boldt Castle, which we will tour tomorrow.

Sunset over Alexandria Bay 

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