June 29, 2014

Day 288 - June 29, 2014: Killarney and the Sportsman Inn Marina

Leaving peaceful Mill Lake, we completed Collins Inlet, and crossed a few miles of the Georgian Bay along the coastline. The winds were picking up, although the waves stayed well below one foot. We entered Killarney Channel at Red Rock Pt. This Channel, between Ontario and George Island, is very narrow with occasional high currents, but leads to Killarney and provides safe harbor from the bay.

Red Rock Point Lighthouse at the entrance to Killarney Channel
Killarney was established as a fishing village, and there was no road here until 1962. Today it is mostly a tourist and boating destination. Our stop was at the Sportsman's Inn, which is something of a resort with rooms, a dining room and pub, and a marina with a small store. This is a holiday weekend with Canada Day coming up, and the marina is empty, and no one here can explain why. It rained heavily this afternoon with some lightning/thunder, and we were glad to be in this port.

Sportsman's Inn
Great Laker facing the narrow channel at Killarney
Herbert Fisheries Fresh Fish and Chips is famous here, and we walked over after the rain to get some whitefish to go.

Herbert Fisheries Fresh Fish and Chips
Anne has been researching a plan for the next few days. With increasing winds and rain in the forecast, we are in somewhat of a dilemma over what to do. Sometimes you don't decide till you wake up and look out the window.

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