June 9, 2013

Day 226 - June 8, 2013: Family Time, Roosevelt Home, and the Kingston Hudson River Maritime Museum

Today daughter Heather, her husband Scott, and our grandson Connor came to the marina to meet us.  We enjoyed time visiting on board before driving over to Springwood, the home where Franklin D. Roosevelt was born and lived much of his life. FDR loved this area, and after he married Eleanor they expanded the home, added more land, and returned frequently to rejuvenate from political affairs or to entertain dignitaries. FDR established the first ever presidential library here in 1940. The home is now part of the National Park Service and remains much as it was just before he died.

FDR's home, Springwood
Larry, Heather, Scott, Connor and Anne in FDR's rose garden
After lunch, we drove up to Kingston to visit the Hudson River Maritime Museum, which chronicles life in the area over the last two centuries. Like many maritime museums, it is filled with pictures of the area over the years, displays of artifacts, models of ships, and many small preserved boats of the times. The museum and a small historic shopping district are on Rondout Creek, a tributary of the Hudson River.

Hudson River Maritime Museum
Shops in Kingston

Scott and Connor
Larry and Heather

We returned and relaxed on Great Laker before a great seafood dinner at the Shadows Marina Restaurant. We were so pleased that Scott, Heather and Connor came up to join us here, and we so enjoyed the day.

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