June 10, 2013

Day 227 - June 9, 2013: Cruising the Hudson to an anchorage at Houghtailing Island

Early this morning, Heather, Scott and Connor came over to say goodbye, and we spent some time together before untying the lines and heading out. I want to thank Scott, a Penn State graduate, for paying his respects to Michigan! Go Blue!

Early morning visit before departing
Today was an "on the bow" cruising day! The weather was just awesome, with sun, puffy white clouds, and little wind, and we ran with the tide. The Hudson continued to be beautiful with shades of dark green trees, lighter green grass, hilltop homes stretching to the river, and the Catskills rising in the distance. This is a great place to cruise, and we spent quite a bit of time sitting on the bow with me steering using the remote.

Hilltop homes stretching to the river
Catskill Mountains rising in the distance

A number of interesting lighthouses guide boats in this area. 

1871 Lighthouse
Kingston Lighthouse
Saugerties Lighthouse
Hudson City Lighthouse
Our anchorage is in the small channel just east of Houghtailing Island, and the commuter trains run along here just as they do everywhere on both sides of the Hudson. However, they are short, fast, and only 5 cars long, so it really isn't a problem. On the plus side, there is the magnificence of this area all around us.

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