January 2, 2013

Day 93 - January 2, 2013: Clearwater and Elizabeth's Birthday

Ah, to get out cruising again at last! It felt good to have my sea legs back after too much terra firma.

We headed out to Anclote Key off Tarpon Springs and stopped at the south end near the abandoned lighthouse. With Great Laker safely on anchor, we took the dinghy to shore to do some shelling. The best location turned out to be on the Gulf side where the waves were sweeping over the sand. Fortunately, it was low tide, and this exposed large areas of shells. Armed with our water shoes, and an orange pail (a gift from Dog River Marina), we set out to find whatever nature would provide.

Shelling on Anclote Key
Bingo! We hit the jackpot and brought back so many great shells we will have to sort out and clean the ones that are worth keeping. Here is one of my favorites. It is only two inches long, but has incredible detail and color intensity.

Shell from Anclote Key
Today was Elizabeth's 20th birthday! She called it a "nothing year." She explained that when you are 16, it is sweet. When you are 18, you are no longer a minor and can vote. When you are 21, you can order a drink. But 20???

Here was our beautiful birthday daughter ready to dinghy over to Island Way Grill for raw oysters, sushi, and salmon. What a wonderful meal and happy time together.

Elizabeth ready for her 20th birthday dinner

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