January 6, 2013

Day 96 - January 5, 2013: Finally, a warm sunny day!

With the jet stream sweeping low across the country, we haven't had the typical warm Florida weather. Fog, light rain and cold winds have been the norm. Today, unexpectedly, we got a fully day of bright sun and 72 degrees. Elizabeth was quite happy sunning.

Sun at last!
Excited by the good weather, we headed off early for the Saturday morning market and discovered a major event with not only the typical farm produce, but arts and craft booths, many food vendors, and a band. Plus, I think all the dog owners from miles around were there parading their pets.

St Pete Saturday Morning Market
We stayed for lunch and selected pizza smoked in a hardwood brick oven mounted on a trailer. We had never seen one like this before. It occurred to me that these markets are a great place for entrepreneurs to inexpensively test their business ideas with the public without investing and borrowing to start a storefront.

Hardwood brick oven on wheels
After Elizabeth and I went for an hour-long bike ride along the waterfront, the three of us decided to take the dinghy out to explore the marina. We ran across another cobalt blue hull American Tug just like ours that had a flybridge on top.

AT 34 with flybridge
Great pelican picture courtesy of Elizabeth
Tonight we grilled the last of the Lake Michigan salmon given to me by the yard manager at Barretts' Boat Works in Spring Lake. It has a slightly stronger flavor than the Atlantic/Pacific salmon we are used to purchasing, and I like it better.

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  1. Hi Larry/Ann,
    It has taken me awhile to get through 96 days of blogging. What a trip so far! 94 foot rise in some of the locks is amazing.
    Chattanooga sure looked pretty. Sounds like you are having quite a time.
    Look forward to all your blogs.

    Bob Jason