November 2, 2012

Day 49 - November 1, 2012: Columbus, MS

We spent the morning at anchor relaxing and then moved about three miles to the Columbus Marina in Columbus, MS, which is just before the Stennis Lock and Dam on the Tenn Tom.

In the marina, Anne ran into a couple of employees who were graduates of Lee High School which she attended as a high school freshman when her Dad was stationed at Columbus Air Force Base. They enthusiastically gave her some names of others she might have known, and surprisingly, some seemed familiar.

We took the marina's loaner car to the Café on Main for lunch. (We like to frequent local places, and the café was wonderful.) Then, it was on to Walmart for supplies. Since this was a day to prepare for Anne's father's visit tomorrow, we washed the boat, did some laundry, and got the dinghy carburetor float bowl unstuck. You see, not everything on a year-long boating adventure is glamorous!

Here is a looper's boat from Massachusetts that we have crossed paths with several times. The Betty L with her pirate flag has real character.

The Betty L from Massachusetts

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