November 13, 2012

Day 60 - November 12, 2012: A day to recover at Turner Marine

This is a good place to take a cruising break and do some maintenance, repairs, and restocking. Not every day can be an exciting adventure, and this was one of them. I started early this morning by changing the oil in the engine, as it was due.

Also, over the last few days, the marine VHF would receive but not transmit, so I had been using the backup hand-held unit. This is not an acceptable situation for the upcoming Gulf crossing where we may need the maximum possible range! After attempts to diagnose the problem and a call to technical support, I concluded it needed to be replaced.

Therefore, at noon we borrowed the marina loaner car, purchased a new radio at West Marine, and Anne took the opportunity to get restocked at Walmart. After lunch, with the help of one of the marina workers, I got the new radio in place and working. The most time consuming part was enlarging the mounting hole with a saber saw and a rasp. Why can't they make radios that fit a standard-size hole?

The weather remains unseasonably cold, rainy and windy (60's during the day and 30's overnight), and we are still waiting for the warm sunny weather we came south to enjoy.

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