November 18, 2012

Day 65 - November 17, 2012: Fort Walton Beach, FL, and anchorage at Joe's Bayou

Today, we awoke to sun after several days of cool temperatures and cloudiness. We continued on the ICW, entered Florida for the first time, and were greeted by this sign. You can be sure we will diligently look for only "clean" marinas in the future! No more dirt.

Florida welcome sign requests use of "clean" marinas
We continue working our way towards Carrabelle and the anticipated crossing of the Gulf. The shore is almost at sea level and peppered with homes and resorts. You can see how easy it would be to have a hurricane sweep water over this area and destroy everything in sight.

Mix of hotels, marinas and homes
Homes and condos
This radar tower was clearly constructed to withstand hurricanes, and the design is quite interesting (remember, I'm an engineer). Each leg was connected and strengthened with a web of cross bars, and this structure should readily withstand both bending and torsion quite well.

Radar tower
My sister Shari's husband, Jim, was drafted into professional baseball by the Twins and did spring training in Fort Walton Beach. We planned to stop at the municipal dock and walk the town. Unfortunately, we discovered these docks are abandoned and considered unsafe.

The winds are strong today and this evening, so we went on to a wind-protected anchorage in Joe's Bayou. Anne cooked a great meal of salmon, broccoli, and couscous.

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